1. Using a Microsoft Word document, please review the film …

1. Using a Microsoft Word document, please review the film ALPHA GO and tell how that film represents a contribution to the field of CyberLaw. 2. The minimum word count shall be not less than 1100 words. APA standards with appropriate references. On time delivery and no plagiarism.


Given the prompt, I will explore how the film “AlphaGo” represents a contribution to the field of CyberLaw. “AlphaGo” is a documentary film directed by Greg Kohs that chronicles the development and success of the artificial intelligence (AI) program, AlphaGo, in the complex game of Go. Released in 2017, the film highlights the legal and ethical implications that arise when AI competes with human beings in strategic games.

In the field of CyberLaw, “AlphaGo” sheds light on several important themes. Firstly, it explores the legal aspects of intellectual property in the realm of AI technology. The film introduces the concept of deep learning algorithms and demonstrates how AlphaGo’s creators trained the AI using millions of Go games played by human professionals. This raises questions about who owns the intellectual property of the AI’s decision-making processes and the vast amount of data used to train it. As AI technology advances, these issues become increasingly relevant, and “AlphaGo” serves as a starting point for discussions surrounding the legal protection and ownership of AI algorithms.

Secondly, the film delves into the ethical considerations surrounding AI. One of the central conflicts in “AlphaGo” revolves around the question of whether it is fair to pit an AI against human players in a competitive setting. The documentary captures the tension between the desire to advance AI technology and the moral concern for preserving the role of human expertise and skill. This ethical dilemma has implications for CyberLaw as debates surrounding AI’s involvement in various fields, such as healthcare and finance, continue to emerge.

Moreover, “AlphaGo” offers insights into the legal and regulatory challenges associated with AI technology. The film documents the match between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol, one of the world’s top professional Go players. As AlphaGo’s victories accumulate, skepticism and concerns arise regarding the potential for AI to outperform and replace proficient human players. These concerns have implications for the development of regulations that ensure fair competition between AI and humans in strategic games and other domains impacted by AI advancements. “AlphaGo” presents an opportunity for legal scholars, policymakers, and regulators to examine the implications of AI dominance and to address potential governance gaps in the era of rapidly advancing technology.

In addition to the legal and ethical dimensions, “AlphaGo” serves as a catalyst for discussions on cybersecurity. The film demonstrates that the data used to train AlphaGo was obtained by scraping publicly available Go matches from the internet. This raises concerns about data privacy and security, particularly surrounding the use of personal data for AI training purposes. The film invites examination of laws and regulations governing the collection, use, and protection of data generated and utilized by AI systems.

In conclusion, the film “AlphaGo” contributes to the field of CyberLaw by highlighting a range of legal and ethical issues associated with AI technology. It raises questions about intellectual property rights, fair competition, ethical considerations, legal and regulatory challenges, and cybersecurity. “AlphaGo” offers a valuable platform for engaging in crucial discussions and developing legal frameworks that are responsive to the rapid advancements in AI technology and its societal impacts.

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