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Revising is the process for the writer to go through and reread and improve their paper. The more the writer reads their paper the better the chance they will have of finding mistakes. When revising the writer should be looking to make sure the paper is well written and flows well. All body paragraphs have supporting ideas and that the paper has a understandable thesis and conclusion. When revising the writer does not have to do it alone it can be revised by other students or the instructor. Revising is the time to cut and add information to and from the paper.

Editing is the process of going through the paper and checking for grammatical, punctuation, and other mistakes that were made when writing the draft. The writer should focus on writing their ideas first and then after revising edit the paper for those smaller mistakes. This is also the time to edit the language looking for any trigger words that might make the reader take your paper the wrong way. When editing you look to use the correct denotations of words, so you do not accidentally make the paper to be personally emotional.

One example of reviewing and editing are in week 3 we did a peer review for another student’s personal essay. When we reviewed the peer review the fellow student posted it gave us the opportunity to edit our personal paper.

In the chapter it says “you should not worry about editing your paper for grammar and clarity while developing ideas.”( Connell, C. M.,& Sole, K. (2013). I am thinking this is when free writing, does anyone actually stop and correct their mistakes while free writing? There are times I correct the mistakes as I am free writing.

Resources: Connell, C. M., & Sole, K. (2013). Essentials of college writing (2nd ed.) [Electronic version]. Retrieved from


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