a WLAN plan for Acme Graphic Design based on a chosen Bluep…

a WLAN plan for Acme Graphic Design based on a chosen Blueprint and security to the owner. a 700- to 1,750-word document using Microsoft Word finalizing describing your final network design incorporating your instructor’s feedback. Use APA formatting. the following: your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.


Title: WLAN Design Plan for Acme Graphic Design: Blueprint and Security Considerations

1. Introduction
The goal of this document is to outline a wireless local area network (WLAN) design plan for Acme Graphic Design, with a focus on incorporating a chosen blueprint and ensuring maximum security for the owner. This plan is based on the feedback provided by the instructor and adheres to APA formatting guidelines.

2. WLAN Design Blueprint
2.1 Overview of Acme Graphic Design
Acme Graphic Design is a digital media company specializing in graphic design, advertising, and branding. The company currently operates in a 10,000 square foot office space, with a team of 50 designers, developers, and administrative staff members. Acme Graphic Design requires a robust WLAN infrastructure to support its mission-critical operations and collaboration needs.

2.2 Chosen Blueprint
After careful evaluation of Acme Graphic Design’s requirements, the chosen blueprint is a centralized WLAN design. This design best suits the company’s needs due to its scalability, central management capabilities, and efficient use of resources. The centralized design also allows for easier implementation of security measures.

2.3 WLAN Components
The WLAN design for Acme Graphic Design will consist of the following components:

2.3.1 Access Points (APs)
Multiple APs will be strategically placed throughout the office space to ensure reliable coverage. The specific number and placement of APs will be determined following a thorough wireless site survey.

2.3.2 Wireless Controllers
Wireless controllers will be deployed to centrally manage and coordinate the APs. These controllers will provide centralized configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities, ensuring a seamless and optimized wireless experience for users.

2.3.3 Network Infrastructure
The existing network infrastructure will be assessed and upgraded as necessary to support the WLAN deployment. This may include upgrading switches, routers, and cabling to accommodate the increased network traffic.

2.4 WLAN Security Considerations
Security is of paramount importance in any wireless network deployment. To ensure the highest level of security for Acme Graphic Design’s WLAN, the following measures will be implemented:

2.4.1 Encryption
All WLAN traffic will be encrypted using the industry-standard Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security protocol. This ensures that data transmitted over the wireless network remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

2.4.2 Authentication
To prevent unauthorized access to the WLAN, a strong authentication mechanism will be implemented. This can include the use of usernames and passwords, digital certificates, or other authentication methods based on best practices and the specific requirements of Acme Graphic Design.

2.4.3 Access Control
Access controls will be established to restrict network access to authorized devices and users only. This will be achieved through the use of secure network segmentation, VLANs, and other access control mechanisms.

2.4.4 Intrusion Detection and Prevention
To detect and prevent internal and external unauthorized access attempts, an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) will be deployed. The IDPS will monitor the WLAN for suspicious activities and take immediate action to mitigate potential security threats.

In conclusion, this WLAN design plan for Acme Graphic Design incorporates a centralized blueprint and focuses on ensuring maximum security for the owner. By following industry best practices and taking into account the specific requirements of Acme Graphic Design, this design aims to provide a robust and secure wireless network infrastructure.

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