Building A Small Group Budget

A crucial and difficult component of budgeting is planning for expenses within the available resources.

Based on the information collected in Clinical Field Experience A, create an annual budget for the small group using a digital spreadsheet (e.g., Excel) to allocate funds to the selected group. Base this budget on both current and anticipated expenditures and revenues.

Include the following components in your budget:

  • Current budget revenue and expenditures.
  • Proposed revenue and expenditures.
  • For line items that are increasing or decreasing significantly, include an explanation for the increase or decrease, supported by data you obtained through the needs assessment survey or interview.
  • Strategies demonstrating line items you would adjust if you do not receive the funds you are requesting.

Write a 250-500 word rationale for the budget, addressing the following:

  • How this group operates to support the school’s mission and vision
  • Justification of how the requested expenditures will support the school’s priorities and goals and promote continuous school improvement
  • Strategies to build organizational capacity to rely less on school funding

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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December 2, 2021









Clinical field experience A: program leader interview

The interview conducted with the principal secretary, the financial clerk, and the school principal offered a better understanding of the collaborations and the work which must occur for the finances in the campus to be assigned in the correct manner and within the available resources. These three individuals were interviewed regarding how they work with the learners, their operations within the campus, their Title within the institution, and their overall operations that regard the finances. The reviews of how funds are assigned and the determination of the most appropriate utilization of the money that is available in the school are done by the sponsors of the school, the principal of the school, as well as the county budget services officer who is in charge of the district schools. The daily reports of finances that are available are generated to keep track of the overall amount the budget will have. These summaries are also provided by the budget services within this district.

It is crucial to understand that the overall financial resources a campus might get may vary each year, and some funds accounts can be expected to roll over to the next school year. There are various factors that determine the amount of budget an institution has in place. The campus budget does not include matters such as the groups and clubs that are formed within the institution. Organizations and clubs like the cheerleading squad, drama club, or music club collect their finances from the donations that well-wishers provide to them, the fundraising operations they conduct, and the winning prizes that they may get as a result of their competitiveness in certain functions (Jarrell, 2020). The budget of the school is mainly related to issues that directly involve the student’s enrollment on the campus.

The institution utilizes a specific unique formula for assigning each dollar value that is provided for every learner. An assessment and analysis of the needs of the learners are conducted by the income of the parents. There are certain restrictions that are put in place regarding funding or making purchases using the budget that is set. Only purchases made by the vendors that the school has said they are qualified are allowed. The particular products which are bought are funded with the proper accounts to ensure accountability can be made. Only specific individuals who are listed as having Title I are allowed to perform these operations. It is essential to understand that the time that the approval operations take can cause an extension in the overall time interval for receiving the products which are ordered within the institution (Counts & Learns, 2020). It is quite a process of getting the necessary people involved to sign and approve these purchases. In some instances, the institution will include limitations in the acquisition by limiting the properties of the items which are not supported by the facility.

The program does not have the capability to add to the budget of the school. The funds in the program are limited to the money collected during fundraisers and donations. These money acquiring methods do not offer substantial financial resources that could be helpful in boosting the budget of the entire school. The school’s mission is to ensure that all students, regardless of their social backgrounds, are able to get equal opportunities for learning to ensure that they can become their best selves (Bandiyono, 2020). The school’s budget is aligned in that it allows all students to contribute equally to the realization of the funds that are useful in providing education opportunities to all learners. It will enable the school to fulfill the objective of managing the school in a manner that provides the best conducive environment for learning without disruptions.

The budget ensures that the academic and financial goals of the students are supported. It allows management of the institution to allocate necessary funds towards offering the best learning tools, which are essential in determining the manner the students are taught, the level of accuracy in the teaching techniques, and the understanding capabilities of the students. It ensures that the long-run operations of teaching are projected in the high performance of the students. Also, it allows students to learn how to utilize their financial resources accordingly in the present as well as in the future. The school’s budget reconciliation operations involve discussion of the changes in spending which are expected in specific departments, the revenue changes which has to be put in place, and the limit of deficits that the school can have regarding the various projects which have been started or underway (Courtright. et al., 2019). The targets which have been discussed and set up have to be achieved through the drafting of bills that will ensure the financial operations of various departments are guided in their spending.

In summary, it is clear that the institution’s budget is structured by the approved school committee and must follow the financial resources that are available. It is aligned with the mission and vision of the school, and therefore, it ensures that the learning environment is made conducive for learning purposes to all students. Purchasing of items within the institution is guided by the allocating finances and must be approved by the obligated school members.






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