Checklists, Rating Scales, And Rubrics

Checklists, Rating Scales, and Rubrics

There are many commonly-used teacher-designed assessments in early childhood education. Three of the most commonly-used informal evaluation tools designed by teachers are checklists, rating scales, and rubrics. “Informal evaluation measures are useful for teachers who need specific information about their students to use when planning instruction” (Wortham & Hardin, 2015, p. 184). Having an understanding of all three of these assessments is important to being able to monitor the growth and development of the children you work with. As a leader, it is important that you ensure your staff understands when to use each of these assessment tools. To prepare for this discussion, begin by reading Chapter 7 of your course text, Assessment in Early Childhood Education. Then, complete the checklists, rating scales, and rubrics chart with the mindset of creating this chart as a resource you could share with your staff about these assessment tools. Within the chart, use at least one scholarly or credible source to support your ideas.



After completing the chart, copy and paste it into your initial discussion response and address the following:

  • Briefly describe three situations/lessons/activities you might come across in your work with children. For each of the situations, explain whether a checklist, rubric, or rating scale would be the most appropriate to use to evaluate and assess the learning and development of the child(ren) you are working with and why
    Checklists, Rating Scales, and Rubrics


      Checklists Rating Scales Rubrics
    Explain the assessment and how you can use it to evaluate learning and development of children.      
    Discuss how the assessment is developed, including important considerations for each age group.      
    Explain one advantage of this assessment.      
    Explain one challenge with using this assessment.      
    Analyze how the assessment allows you to ensure the cultural and social needs of the children you work with are being met.  


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