Clinical Documentation-Pros and Cons

Clinical Documentation-Pros and Cons

Issues PPT (PowerPoint) Presentation

Most PPT presentations are 12-20 slides in length.
You will narrate your presentation in type ? NO voice is recorded.
Be sure to check the Grading Criteria but here are a few notes regarding these criteria.

Identifying positive elements of the trend/issue
? Remember even problems have positive element. For example rural registered nurses (RN) might be very isolated from urban nursing and any patient that is very complex is air evacuated out to the metroplex. However, the literature may show that rural RNs are much more enthusiastic regarding continuing education. If you were writing about rural nursing then this might be a positive aspect.
? Remember in a professional paper the facts are backed up by references. Anything that an individual ?thinks? or ?feels? isn?t valuable in such as paper.
? Also remember that the complete paper is in 3rd person.
? Maybe the issue isn?t in general positive but it got more RNs involved. An example is that disaster nursing is general thought of as causing depression and other mental health issue but think about what 9/11 did for nurses. Nurses are now aware more than before of how important disaster nursing is for each of us. It also made us realize that disasters could happen on anyone?s doorstep. It would be a bit more difficult to find references for this but it is there.

Identifying negative elements of the trend
? In some cases an issue or trend may seem completely positive. An example of this would be someone who selected the national campaign to get more people interested in having an nursing career. What could possibly be negative about this? Well ——- many Schools or Departments of Nursing may not have the nursing faculty to teach any more students so increasing the number of student nurses in their case just aIDs to the frustration. In other words now there are 200 students applying for 30 slots in school instead of 125 students applying for the same 30 slots.
? Remember to back the facts up with references.

How a task force could deal with the trend at a local level – Give rationale for the strategies
? Many of you have served on task forces to work on issues and know the sorts of things that they might do but other of you might not have participated in these.
? For example if a particular state was concerned about their pass rates on NCLEX RN, what could occur? That state might conduct a survey to gather information in turn over rates in nursing faculty as well as nursing administrators. They might form a task force that included member of the State Board of Nursing, faculty, students, new graduates and nursing administration in health care agencies. This group would make the plans to counter act the trend that they have been seeing. The following are other possible actions that may be carried out: the State Board of Nursing might conduct information meetings with all Schools of Nursing in the State, perhaps the Schools of Nursing would pool their information regarding the weak areas in their new graduates, Health Care Agencies might decide to offer review courses prior to the new graduates taking the NCLEX-RN; large hospitals in the area might offer an internship practicum for graduates just prior to their taking the NCLEX-RN. A task force acts as a group to problem solve through an issue.





Justify your answers using examples and reasoning.

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