Communication Studies – Speech Observation Report(ASA)

You need to watch an online speech for this assignment. Here are some recommendations:

* Ken Robinson, ‘Do schools kill creativity?’,

* Amy Cuddy, ‘Your body language may shape who you are’,

* Brene Brown, ‘The power of vulnerability’,

* Sasan Cain, The power of introverts’,

* Matt Walker, ‘Sleep is your superpower’,

* Hilary Clinton, ‘Women’s rights are human rights, Top 100 speeches, #35

* Steve Jobs, 2005 Stanford Commencement Address, YouTube

Speech Observation Report (40 points)

* 2-3 pages; essay format; typed in double space * Use formal grammar, correct spelling, and accurate punctuation. * Include the URL * Due on 6/4(Th)


Watch a speech online and discuss each of the following agenda in detail, providing specific examples from the speech.

Name of the speaker; topic and purpose of the speech; date and place of the speech event, and length of the speech


Discuss the effectiveness of the introduction the speaker made. 2.

What were the main points? Discuss if they were clear and well developed. 3.

Evaluate the speaker’s use of supporting materials for the main points.4.

Discuss the effectiveness of the conclusion. 5.

Discuss the effectiveness of the speaker’s use of visual aids. (If the speaker didn’t use any visual aids, make suggestions for visual aids.)


Analyze the speaker’s nonverbal aspects of communication (voice, gesture, posture, eye contact, movement, clothing, etc).


Describe the audience in terms of age, gender, and size. Discuss how the speaker adapted his or her speech to the audience.


Discuss how the speaker used language effectively (accurately, clearly, vividly, and appropriately).


What do you think the speaker’s strengths are? What are his or her weaknesses? What would you like to try in your own speech?



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