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Instructional Design Prospectus







CIT 0508

Instructional Design for Trainers and Teachers






Nova Southeastern University


Instructional Design Prospectus


Project Title: Learning the Threat Matrix with InstructED



Team Name: InstructED Design Team (I-ED)


Team Members and Roles:

· Mary Ellen Williams is the Instructional Designer and Project Coordinator. In addition to producing instructional materials, the role of the project manager includes creating a schedule and budget for the project and managing the process from start to finish.

· The Subject-Matter Expert (SME), Dr. Michael Simonson, can also evaluate the plan, assessments, and results.

· The SWOS Instructors (two) are additional subject-matter experts and evaluators. The content is asynchronous which is why the instructor’s role does not include direct instruction.

· SWOS Administrator is a part of the ongoing support services that continue the evaluation/implementation cycle.

· Additional InstructED Design Team members: evaluator and programmer/app developer.




The Instructional Designer and Project Coordinator has over 13 years of teaching experience. In addition to her role as a classroom and distance education teacher, Kathryn has developed curriculum for multiple subjects, grade levels, and learners for over a decade. For the past three years, Kathryn has managed, mentored, coached, and supervised her department of 6-12 educators as team leader and serves as the current chair.




The Surface Warfare Officers School (SWOS) trains students to successfully serve as leaders in the U.S. Navy as experts in Surface Navy and eventually commanding officers at sea. SWOS students, or Ensigns, are responsible for memorizing the information in a detailed manual. The manual often referred to as the Shipboard’s Systems Matrix or Threat Matrix, contains information about combat fleets around the world. Ensigns are expected to learn the materials and master the Threat Matrix on their own accord with little formal classroom instruction. Mastery is measured by a multiple choice exam given to ensigns.


The InstructED Design Team will create a prototype digital training program for SWOS officers using Web 2.0 tools. The content matter for this training program is derived from the U.S. Navy’s Shipboard Systems Matrix.


Work to be accomplished


A prototype for an interactive digital training program will be designed using Web 2.0 tools and proposed to the SWOS Learning Standards Officer (LSO) and the Subject Matter Expert (SME). The digital training program will be available on multiple platforms already in use (computer, tablet, smartphone) and multiple operating systems (Android and iOS). The program will be available as an app and as an interactive website. The app will contain the information students need to learn from the Shipboard Systems Matrix (Threat Matrix) as well as optional embedded interactive lessons and games for additional practice and review. The app and website can be updated and revised by the SWOS staff.


Due to the sensitive nature of some of the material, students will be given a single-user code that can be used on their personal devices.


Steps to be Followed and Timeline


Deliverables coincide with the following schedule:


Month 1

Weeks 1-3 (May 3rd- May 22nd)

· Meeting with SWOS curriculum leadership to determine problem or needs analysis

· Question and Answer sessions with learners

· Gather and review resources:

· Normative needs: view test administrator’s exam handbook, reviewing current students’ study materials

· Comparative needs: review test scores and questions over an extended period of time

· Felt needs: interviews with students to gain a baseline in each individual student

· Share budget with SWOS Administrator.


Month 2

Weeks 4-6 (May 23rd – June 12th)

· Submit Needs Analysis

· Submit Objectives

· Submit Design Plan


Weeks 7-8 (June 13th- June 21st)

· Submit Evaluation Plan

· Present Design Plan

· Submit Final Design Report

End date: June 21st



Deliverables will include:

· A needs analysis report which contains an assessment of the learner and analysis of content.

· Status update: a clear set of objectives proposed prior to the design plan.

· A design plan containing specific elements of the plan such as an overview, detailed steps with benchmarks, detailed timeline, and budget.

· An evaluation plan that includes both formative and summative assessments.

· A final report that summarizes previous plans, a reflection, and a video recording.

Budget Overview

Description Unit Price Total Cost
· Personnel

InstructED Design Team:

1. Program Manager

2. App developer/programmer.



40 hours/week

8 weeks




· Materials

Wertheim, E. (2013). The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World, 16th edition: Their ships, aircraft, and systems. Naval Institute Press.







· Travel

Travel from ID team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Newport, Rhode Island.

· Approximately 4 round trip flights for the two InstructED Design team members to visit twice for a week at a time.

· Hotel for 14 days



$182 per round trip flight











· Overhead

Laptop- Dell Inspiron 15 3580


Tablet- Apple iPad


Program manager and App developer/computer programmer need to be able to create, edit, and test both website program and application.









· Resources

Free iOS app:

Canvas resources provided by SME







Surface Warfare Officers School Command (2020).


United States Navy (2020).


General Dynamics: Mission Systems (2020).


Date: May 24, 2020


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