Each student will write an 15 page Paper(NOT INCLUDE WITH RE…

Each student will write an 15 page Paper(NOT INCLUDE WITH REFERENCES AND TITLE PAGE) on an organization of his or her choice. The submission must be typed, double-spaced, and have uniform 1-inch margins in 12-point Times New Roman font. The organizational analysis will contain the following sections:


An organizational analysis is a crucial component of understanding the functioning and effectiveness of an organization. It involves a systematic examination of various aspects of the organization, including its structure, culture, leadership, and performance. This assignment aims to provide students with an opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and frameworks to a real-world organization of their choice.

The first section of the paper will focus on the organizational overview. This section should provide a brief introduction to the chosen organization, including its name, industry, and history. It should also provide relevant background information, such as the size and scope of the organization, its key stakeholders, and any recent significant events or changes that have shaped its current state.

The second section will delve into the organizational structure. In this part, students will explore the formal and informal elements that shape how work is organized and coordinated within the organization. This may include an analysis of the hierarchy of positions and reporting relationships, as well as the various departments or units that make up the organization. Students should also consider the degree of centralization or decentralization in decision-making, and how communication flows within the organization.

The next section will focus on the organizational culture. Here, students will examine the shared values, norms, beliefs, and assumptions that shape the organization’s collective behavior. They should identify the espoused values or desired culture as stated by the organization, as well as the actual values and cultural practices that are observable within the organization. This analysis may involve gathering information from multiple sources, such as interviews, observations, or internal documents.

The subsequent section will address the topic of leadership within the organization. Students should evaluate the leadership style(s) exhibited by key individuals within the organization, considering both formal and informal leaders. They should also assess the effectiveness of the leadership approach in terms of its impact on employee motivation, job satisfaction, and organizational performance. Additionally, students may explore any challenges or opportunities related to leadership succession planning.

The final section of the paper will involve an assessment of the organization’s performance. This may include analyzing financial data, such as revenue, profitability, and growth rates, as well as non-financial indicators, such as customer satisfaction, employee turnover, or market share. Students should also consider any external factors, such as industry trends or competitive pressures, that may influence the organization’s performance.

In conclusion, this organizational analysis assignment provides students with an opportunity to conduct in-depth research and analysis on a chosen organization. By examining various aspects such as structure, culture, leadership, and performance, students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization and its dynamics. This assignment will foster critical thinking skills and theoretical application, enabling students to develop valuable insights into real-world organizational practices.

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