Money Back Guarantee

Paper Refund Policy

According to our viewpoint, effective collaboration requires open and honest communication between students and professionals. Due to this, we see adherence to the Code of Ethics as one of the most crucial factors to take into account while using BluEssay. We anticipate that you will read, comprehend, and acquiesce to the terms of this Code of Ethics. The purpose of this code of ethics is to safeguard academic integrity and combat fraud. Users that break the guidelines set forth in this page and claim the work of other users as their own may have their access to BluEssay limited or even terminated.

If there is sufficient proof that a project was completed as a result of fraudulent transactions, BluEssay maintains the right to cancel projects of any status, even finished ones. User-acquired cash may be kept in these circumstances until the actual cardholder requests them.

It costs nothing to place an order on the website, and by doing so, you agree to buy the item. As a result, in order to begin processing your purchase, you must deposit cash. If you feel that the Products have been made in accordance with the standards and specifications specified in your purchase order or our Terms, you have the right to request a cancellation of the payment transaction (“Refund”). We reserve the right to provide refunds in accordance with the quality control procedure outlined above. Please think about making changes to your order before requesting a refund.

During the refund procedure, we may ask you for a refund if you are dissatisfied with the goods, the adjustment to your order did not result in the product you desired, or the change to your order did not live up to your expectations. I am entitled. the time frame for when the order is carried out. The refund window opens the moment the product becomes available and closes 72 hours afterwards. The system starts a countdown in the appropriate direction. After the refund window closes, there won’t be any reimbursements issued.

All rights granted to you under the Terms of Use with Copyright License must end immediately if the refund procedure is started. You are generally delighted with your order and just little revisions are needed if you submit text content for revision. If you send the text content in for revision, a 100% refund is not feasible in this situation. You can ask for the following forms of refunds before you accept the form we’ve provided, regardless of how long you have to cancel the services you’ve ordered from us and request a refund.

100% refund if:

  1. A payment error has occurred (e.g., identical order, double payment). We need to know about this right away. Only in cases where the author has not yet been designated are refunds possible.
  2. The absence of qualified authors. If that happens, we will get in touch with you and issue a refund.
  3. The textbook was not provided in time, so it is no longer required. We won’t provide you the text materials in that scenario. Furthermore, no license is provided to use any materials already obtained pursuant to this order.

70% refund if:

  1. If less than half of the time since the author was commissioned has passed, a cancellation of orders will be made. For work previously completed during this time, authors must be paid.

50% refund if:

  1. The author for your revision is not available.
  2. Order cancellations will be made if the author has been contacted after more than 50% of the allotted time has gone. For work previously completed during this time, authors must be paid. The Customer Experience Manager will evaluate and determine a refund amount based on the order’s evaluation if the author is tardy in revising the work. Please be aware that in this situation, the refund cannot be more than 50% of the order’s original purchase price.


A chargeback is the procedure for contesting a transaction that the issuer has started and has returned to the cardholder after the money has been deducted from their account. Instead of being started by us, this process is carried out by the (bank) issuer. You are not permitted to use the product or our services and all rights granted under the product license shall be deemed terminated if you file a chargeback request and receive a 100% refund.