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February 19, 2020


The topics chosen are managing diversity, building effective teams, and managing change and stress. These were selected because they are critical to the current business and organization trends and therefore organizations must give them priority

Managing diversity

With globalization, firms are employing a workforce from all over the world. The more people come from far, the more diverse they are considering they have different values, comes from different cultures, and have different beliefs, among others. This means that firms have a role in managing diversity so that everyone, regardless of their backgrounds, feels substantial and appreciated. Diversity is significant considering the current trends, and therefore no organization should assume it.

Building effective teams

Effective teams yield more benefits when working as individuals. This means that organizations need to build effective teams to improve their organizational performance. Teams are critical as they bring employees with different talents, interests, and abilities together. When they work in teams, they complement each other in a manner that their roles are fulfilled at their best. In the current world, organizations need to invest in teams for high productivity and improving talents.

Managing change and stress

Change is inevitable for any organization. In the current era, change is a necessity happening from time to time. People in nature do not like change, and most of the time, they are resistant. When people who are supposed to implement a change are resistant, the process is not a success. Managing change and stress it comes with is the role of any organization to ensure that employees respond positively to change. An organization can manage change and stress by involving them in the process before the change happens.


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