Pick a contemporary culture or country (e.g. the Hausa in West Africa; Finland) or a historical
period in some culture/country (e.g. Victorian England), and research pregnancy and/or
childbirth in this culture/country. You can explore any aspects related to pregnancy/childbirth.
Some of the issues you could look into include cultural beliefs and taboos about pregnancy,
childbirth practices (e.g. c-sections, midwifes, natural childbirth, etc.), maternal and child
mortality, breastfeeding, contraception, etc.
Once you have identified a topic, do the following:
Write a summary of your topic (approximately one page is fine; it can also be longer). Find at
least TWO OUTSIDE SOURCES (other than our textbook). You can use academic peerreviewed journal articles, books, newspaper articles, films, academic websites (WIKIPEDIA
DOES NOT COUNT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT). The most credible websites are based on
research findings and often end in .edu or .org.
Cite the sources in your summary in APA (American Psychological Association) style, and list
the sources at the end of the summary in APA style. There is an APA style guide in the
assignment module. You need to find the type of source you are using in this guide (e.g. journal
article, book), and list the source at the end of your summary in the manner shown in the APA
The only things I require to be in APA style are the in-text citations and the reference list.
Otherwise you dont need any specific format in your summary, or you can pick any format you
are familiar with.
Your summary must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Every time you use the words and/or ideas of
an outside source, you must appropriately cite that source in APA style IN THE TEXT.
When you cite a source in the text of your summary, use the name of the author(s) and
publication year in parentheses. Heres how:
Cocaine is a strong central nervous system stimulant (Smith, 2010). Alcohol, on the other hand,
is a strong depressant (Zhang & Jones, 2001).
According to Smith (2010), cocaine is a strong central nervous system stimulant. In contrast,
Zhang & Jones (2001) discuss the effects of a strong depressant, alcohol, on the central
nervous system.


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