Read the ModMeters Case Study on pages 82-85 in the textboo…

Read the ModMeters Case Study on pages 82-85 in the textbook. Answer the Discussion Question at the end of the Case Study. Your responses must be complete, detailed and in APA format. See the sample assignment for expected format and length. The grading rubric is included below.


The ModMeters case study showcases a situation where the company, an e-commerce retailer of various devices and gadgets, is facing challenges related to its organizational structure and information systems. The main issue revolves around the company’s inability to efficiently integrate its recently acquired subsidiaries, leading to decreased profitability and customer satisfaction. This case study raises the question of how ModMeters can address these challenges and improve its performance.

To tackle this issue, ModMeters should consider implementing a new organizational structure and information system strategy. The company is currently operating in a decentralized structure, wherein each subsidiary maintains its own information systems, resulting in duplication of efforts and lack of coordination. This decentralization has hampered the company’s ability to leverage economies of scale and provide a consistent customer experience.

One possible solution is to shift towards a centralized structure, where all subsidiaries would be integrated into a unified information system. This would allow for better coordination and sharing of resources, leading to streamlined processes and improved efficiency. Additionally, a centralized structure would enable ModMeters to standardize its operations and quality control measures across all subsidiaries, ensuring a consistent customer experience.

Implementing a centralized structure would require significant investment in the development and integration of a robust information system. This could involve the adoption of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which would facilitate the seamless flow of information across the entire organization. An ERP system would enable ModMeters to consolidate data from different subsidiaries, providing real-time insights for decision-making and improving overall operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the company should consider implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system to enhance its customer engagement and retention strategies. By integrating customer data from all subsidiaries into a single system, ModMeters could gain a comprehensive understanding of its customers’ preferences and purchase behavior. This would allow the company to tailor its marketing and sales efforts to individual customers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In conclusion, ModMeters is facing challenges related to its decentralized structure and information systems. To address these issues, the company should transition towards a centralized structure and integrate its subsidiaries into a unified information system. Implementing an ERP system and a CRM system would facilitate better coordination, improve efficiency, and enhance customer engagement. By adopting these measures, ModMeters can overcome its current challenges and position itself for future success.

Chase, R. B., Jacobs, F. R., & Aquilano, N. J. (2021). ModMeters case study. In Operations and Supply Chain Management (16th ed., pp. 82–85). McGraw-Hill Education.

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