Response to Tyler Smith

Response to Tyler Smith
Sep 26, 2023 at 7:08 PM
This research study uses a quantitative pre- and post-test design to measure the data gathered from the DNP project. “In quantitative research, research questions inquire about the relationships among variables being investigated and are usually framed at the start of the study” (Barroga et al., 2022). After signing informed consent, the participants will answer questions based on knowledge level of ED and primary care services to assess their knowledge. After, an educational handout will be given and teaching will occur. After the educational method is given, the post-test will be administered, and it is important to note “From a methodological perspective, collecting data from several points in time (usually T ≥ 3) is important to test the long-term strength of intervention effects once the treatment is completed, such as in classic designs including pretest, posttest, and follow-up assessments (Alessandri et al., 2017”. The final goal of this project “Is primarily to determine the factors that influence the decision of patients to visit EDs instead of their primary care physician for non-urgent problems” (Almulhim et al., 2021).


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