screen writing and adaption

Choose a literary text to adapt and create a screen play
If you imagine the story/novel youve chosen as a two-hour film you are going to write the
screenplay for a 10-minute section of that film. One page of screenplay generally equates to
one minute on the screen.
Pick a section of the literary text that you have chosen to adapt for screen. You should select
a key point in the text, e.g. a turning point, character entrance, midpoint, act climax, etc.
Construct 8-10 pages of script. This should include location, time, direction, and dialogue. Use
correct screenplay tabbing and use Courier 12pt, as per the examples given.

The concept document. This is a two-side, industry-standard document. If you were selling the script it would be essential for an agent to understand
your vision. In our context its vital for the marker to understand your vision. It must
be completed exactly as the template demands in Calibri 12pt

I have uploaded the screenplay format and also the concept document and other information that can be of use.


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