The patty hearst story | Criminal homework help

Prior  to answering the questions below, please read both the text and review  all supplemental materials contained in the module’s folder. 

Using a minimum of 350 words (not including the title and reference section) and a maximum of 500, address the following:

  1. Check out the Patty Hearst story online through any Internet search  engine. Do you think she was a spoiled rich girl out for kicks who  freely joined the SLA, or did she do what she had to in order to  survive?
  2. Patty subsequently married and has two grown children. What, if  anything, does that say to you about Patty’s “transformation” into a  gangster?
  3. Look up the phrase Stockholm syndrome and explain how that may apply to Patty.

*Do not forget to use a minimum of two academic references and  include them in APA formatting! For a formatting refresher, check out Owl Perdue. Proper grammar, spelling, and syntax are expected!


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