This section will specify the scope of the work for the WWTC…

This section will specify the scope of the work for the WWTC Project, as well as the identify the project’s business need and the Design Requirements. The requirements include but are not limited to: This document should address the concerns of stakeholders while meeting overall business needs.


In the scope of the WWTC Project, it is important to define the boundaries and extent of the work that will be undertaken. This includes identifying the specific goals and objectives of the project, as well as outlining the activities, deliverables, and timeline for completion.

The business need for this project refers to the underlying problem or opportunity that has led to its initiation. It is essential to clearly articulate and understand the driving force behind the project in order to ensure that the solution aligns with the overall strategic objectives of the organization. This could include addressing inefficiencies, improving customer satisfaction, or capitalizing on new market opportunities.

Design requirements play a crucial role in guiding the development and implementation of a project. They outline the specific features, functionalities, and performance criteria that the final solution must meet. These requirements provide a clear framework for decision-making and help to ensure that the resulting product or service meets the needs of the stakeholders.

Addressing the concerns of stakeholders is an integral part of project management. Stakeholders are individuals or groups who have a vested interest in the project and can be directly or indirectly affected by its outcomes. By considering and incorporating their perspectives, the project team can ensure that the final solution is acceptable and beneficial to all parties involved.

Meeting the overall business needs is a priority in any project. This implies that the project’s objectives need to align with the strategic goals and priorities of the organization. When defining the project’s business needs, it is essential to consider factors such as financial viability, market demand, and organizational capabilities. By ensuring that the project fulfills the broader business goals, it increases the likelihood of success and value creation.

In conclusion, the scope of the WWTC Project includes defining the boundaries and extent of the work to be undertaken. The business need for the project should be clearly identified, and the design requirements must outline the specific features and functionalities of the final solution. Addressing the concerns of stakeholders is essential to ensure their satisfaction and acceptance of the project outcomes. Finally, the project needs to align with the overall business needs of the organization to maximize value creation. By considering all these factors, the project team can lay the foundation for a successful and impactful project.

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