Using the industry where you currently work or have worked b…

Using the industry where you currently work or have worked before, write a 3 page proposal recommending your choice between Android or iOS. From a user and developer’s perspective, which would you recommend to your company and why? Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:


Proposal: Recommending Android as the Preferred Platform for Mobile Application Development in the [Industry]


As the market for mobile applications continues to grow exponentially, it is crucial for [company name] to adopt a robust and optimal mobile app development platform. This proposal aims to recommend Android as the preferred platform for mobile application development in the [industry]. In this proposal, we will evaluate both Android and iOS from user and developer perspectives and present an analysis of why Android is the better choice.

User Perspective

From a user perspective, Android offers several advantages over iOS. Firstly, Android boasts a larger market share in terms of global smartphone users, making it the leading operating system worldwide. This wider user base gives Android apps a much larger potential audience and increases the likelihood of user engagement and adoption.

Moreover, the flexibility of the Android platform allows for greater customization options and personalization for end users. Unlike iOS, Android allows users to freely modify settings, install third-party applications, and personalize the overall device experience. This level of customization not only enhances user satisfaction but also facilitates seamless integration with other devices and services, making Android a more adaptable platform for diverse user requirements.

Furthermore, Android provides users with a wider range of devices at various price points. This affordability factor enables a larger demographic to access mobile applications, potentially increasing the user base and revenue opportunities for [company name]. In contrast, iOS devices are typically more expensive, restricting their market reach to high-income segments.

Developer Perspective

From a developer’s perspective, Android offers numerous advantages that make it a preferable platform for mobile application development. One key advantage is the open-source nature of Android, which promotes collaboration and innovation within the developer community. This open-source ethos results in a vast array of libraries, frameworks, and code repositories, providing developers with extensive resources and tools to streamline their development process.

Additionally, Android offers a more transparent and less restrictive app submission process compared to iOS. With iOS, developers must adhere to strict guidelines, and the approval process can be lengthy and subject to rejection. In contrast, Android follows a more flexible and streamlined review process, allowing developers to release updates and new features more efficiently.

Moreover, Android’s development tools and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) are highly regarded for their efficiency and effectiveness. The Android Studio IDE offers robust debugging capabilities, powerful code analysis, and superior emulator performance compared to iOS development tools. These features contribute to a more efficient development workflow, saving time and resources for [company name].


Based on the analysis presented, it is recommended that [company name] adopt Android as the preferred platform for mobile application development in the [industry]. Android’s larger market share, flexibility, affordability, and developer-friendly features make it the ideal choice for maximizing user engagement, reaching a larger target audience, and streamlining the development process. By selecting Android, [company name] can position itself for success in the increasingly competitive mobile app market and capitalize on the growing popularity of the Android platform.

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