what terrorism mean to me now.

Now that you are halfway through this course (Terrorism and Homeland Security) , what does terrorism mean to you now? Prior to taking this course, you likely had an opinion, an idea, and/or you even had a very good understanding with this topic. Provide a 600-800 word – Approx. three (3) pages, not including title page, document reflecting on what terrorism means – include how homeland security plays a role in terrorism today and if you would or would not make changes to current policies. 



  • 1- APA or MLA format (include title page) – For this assignment there is no need for citations as this is a reflection on your thoughts. (50 points)
  • 2- 12 font size – times new roman – Paper must be double spaced – With a title page. (50 points)
  • 3- Content is thorough and articulated – the assignment is thought-out with focused examples on chapter notes and lectures (50 points)
  • Failure to meet any requirement, to include, word count will and can affect your grade significantly.


Doc of discussion boards and chapter’s pdf are uploaded!! Check them please. 

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